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Monday, February 23, 2009

The importance of music and football in South America

The BBC's Tim Vickery has a good view on the importance of music and football in South American's lives. During this time of the year, when Carnaval is celebrated in Brazil, this becomes especially the case for fans in the entire country, but particularly in Rio and Bahia, where the passion for both art forms is rampant.

Speaking of Carnaval and soccer, this Saturday traditional side Flamengo lost 3-1 to humble Resende at the Maracana Stadium, in the semifinal of the Rio de Janeiro's State Championship first round. As people in Brazil would say, the team 'has danced', that is to say, it has lost - being eliminated from the first round in the process.

In Sao Paulo, the state's most important teams - Palmeiras, Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Santos - now lead the table in that order, midway through the first stage of the tournament. The top four teams qualify for the semifinals, with the first placed team playing the fourth and the second playing the third. The winners of the semifinals play for the title, which will happen in April.

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